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opening of archives on democracymovements suppressionwill be delayed.The AFP reporter wrote that families of the victimssaidwww.88a33.comChinas police mentioned for the first timeof compensation for Tiananmen Massacres victims.UK Guardians Jonathan Watts wrote that beforethe22nd anniversary of the6-4 crackdownTiananmen Mothers issued a statement rejectingdiscussion of compensation with security forces

because their proposal was secretand did not mention to investigate the incidentwww.88a33.comnor to make an apology or to publish the truth.Voice of America revealed that Chinas archivesopen period is at least30 yearswww.88a33.comand could be extended after that.To see historical records

learn the truthwww.88a33.comapparently people have to wait for a long time.But mainland Chinese do not forget their history.Recently a dozen of people from all walks of lifebroke through the police besiege on Tiananmenand held a forum to mourn6-4 massacre victims.Sun Wenguang a retired professorof Shandong University