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said the government(CCP)deliberately blocks news on6-4 massacrewww.994008.comand tries to remove memories.Hence this forum to awaken peoples memories.Sun Wenguang said to radio Sound of Hope:Many young people do not know of6-4 massacredue to the strong CCP blockade. The textbooksdo not mention it media do not report it

and foreign websites are blocked. We feel the forumis to evoke memories and to refuse forgetting historywww.994008.cominheriting the behest of the martyrsto fight for freedom and democracy.Although gatherings about Tiananmen Massacreare harassed and threatened by the policewww.994008.comsince08 four annual gatherings were held in Jinan.Huang Liangtian

editor-in-chief of People magazinewww.994008.comsaid the history of the CCP is forged. If people knowthe truth CCP will lose the legitimacy of its ruling